Configuring CheckPoint Identity Awareness

Identity Awareness allows you to enforce access based on user and computer identity. It integrates with both Active Directory and non Active Directory networks and will authenticate employees and guests. When integrated with Active Directory the connection is clientless and authentication is transparent to the user.

There are five “identity sources” which Identity Awareness can use to acquire identities:-

  • AD Query
  • Browser-Based Authentication
  • Endpoint Identity Agent
  • Terminal Servers Identity Agent
  • Remote Access

This post describes the basics of how to configure Identity Awareness, integrate with Active Directory (AD Query method) and configure a rule to require authentication for accessing the internet.

Configuring Identity Awareness

Open the properties of the CheckPoint gateway

Tick the “Identity Awareness” software blade

Select the correct gateway that will be used to identify users

Select the “AD Query” method for acquiring identity

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Basic configuration of CheckPoint R75.40 Gaia

The information provided in this post describes the basic configuration of CheckPoint R75.40 Gaia. The software was installed in a VMware rather than a CheckPoint appliance. The ISO image file “Check_Point_R75.40_Gaia.iso” was download the CheckPoint usercenter.


  • Connect to the appliance/VM/server and boot from CD/ISO image
  • Click Ok to proceed with the installation
  • Select the appropriate “Keyboard” language
  • Modify or accept the default “Partitions Configuration”
  • Enter a strong password
  • Select the desired “Management Port”
  • Configure the IP address and default gateway for the “Management Interface”
  • Click Ok to proceed with the installation
  • When prompted reboot the appliance


  • In order to complete the configuration you need to open a web browser and connect to the web gui using the IP address previously specified
  • Enter the username “admin” and the password you previously specified

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