Upgrading the firmware on HP Procurve switch

I have an HP ProCurve 3500-48 POE switch that I wish to upgrade the firmware version on. ProCurve switches come with 2 boot partitions so we can upload the new firmware to the partition not currently in use. In this scenario I have setup a TFTP server (SolarWinds TFTP Server) on the local LAN; I have tested connectivity from the switch by pinging the TFTP server.

I downloaded the firmware from the HP website > Drivers & Downloads section – ensure to specify the correct model of switch when performing a search.

Determine which partition (primary/secondary) is currently the boot partition
show flash

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Configuring RIP between HP ProCurve and Cisco Switches


I needed to distribute routes between an HP ProCurve and a Cisco Catalyst switch. The HP ProCurve switch mode used was a 3500-48yl without the premium license; therefore I was only able to use RIP and not OSPF. The Cisco switch used was a Catalyst 3560-8 IOS 12.2(55) IPBase. You will notice from the configuration below the difference in commands between the ProCurve and Cisco switches.

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Network Home Lab


A lot of my day to day work consists on managing and implementing firewalls primarily Check Point and configuring Cisco/ProCurve switches. When it comes testing new Check Point features/blades (Identity Awareness, Mobile Access etc) in the lab I use Oracle VirtualBox and build a virtual machine using the 15 trial license. Where I cannot run a virtual machine I have purchased hardware, over the years I have a gathered a vast collection of hardware from multiple vendors including Juniper Netscreen 5GT firewall, Cisco PIX 501 / ASA 5505 firewalls, HP ProCurve 2610-48 switches as well as a number of Cisco switches (2960, 3550, 3560) and routers (871W and 2600). Having now decided I should start studying for the Cisco CCNP Routing and Switching certification I went through my home lab and ripped out the kit that isn’t up to scratch.


For the Cisco 642-813 SWITCH (Implementing Cisco IP Switched Networks) exam I have 2 x 3560-8 switches running IP Services 12-55.56 IOS and 2 x 2960-24 switches running LAN Base 122-53 IOS.


For the Cisco 642-902 ROUTE (Implementing Cisco IP Routing) exam I will use GNS3 running inside a virtual machine. I have a Shuttle XPC SH55J2 computer with an Intel Core i5 processor and 12Gb RAM with 2 x Intel Dual NIC cards with which I can directly connect into the physical Cisco switches in my lab. The great thing about running VirtualBox virtual machines in my lab is I can also run Windows Servers when it comes to configuring authenticating users/computers with 802.1x etc.


In envisage more posts relating to my CCNP studies soon!

Enhance Spanning Tree implementations on HP ProCurve switches


Additional Spanning Tree Protocol (STP) commands such as BPDU Protection, BPDU Filtering, Admin-Edge and Loop Protection exist to enhance implementations of STP and ensure a loop free network.


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Configuring DHCP Snooping on HP ProCurve Switches

DHCP snooping is a security feature that provides security by filtering untrusted DHCP messages. DHCP snooping functions when all DHCP servers connected to the switch are configured as trusted interfaces, when a rogue DHCP server is connected to untrusted interface DHCP snooping will drop the DHCP packets.

This post describes configuration of DHCP snooping on an HP ProCurve 2610 switch.

Configuring DHCP Snooping


Configure the VLAN with an IP Helper Address for the DHCP Server

vlan 1

ip helper-address

Enable DHCP Snooping globally on the switch


Enable DHCP Snooping on the required VLANs

dhcp-snooping vlan 1-40

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Configuring Dynamic VLAN assignment on ProCurve switches


The information contained in this post describes how to configure an HP ProCurve switch and Windows 2008 R2 NPS RADIUS server to authorise and assign users dynamically into specific VLANs.

The switch used is an HP ProCurve model 2610-48 running firmware version R.11.72

Configure VLANs

Create VLANs, define IP address and IP helper-address


name “VLAN30”

ip address

ip helper-address


name “VLAN40”

ip address

ip helper-address

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Configuring 802.1x authentication on ProCurve Switches

802.1x is an open standards protocol, used for network clients on a user id basis. This post describes how to configure 802.1x on an HP ProCurve switch and authenticate against a Windows 2008 R2 NPS (RADIUS) server.

Open VLAN mode will be used, this involves creating an “Authorized” and “Un-Authorized” VLAN. Using Open VLAN temporarily ignores the ports static VLAN configuration and places the port in the “Un-Authorized” VLAN at which point the client will attempt authentication, if successful the port will dynamically place the port in the “Authorized” VLAN.

The switch used is an HP ProCurve model 2610-48 running firmware version R.11.72

Configuring the switch

Create the “Authorized” VLAN, define IP address and IP helper-address


name “Auth”

ip address

ip helper-address

Create the “Un-Authorized” VLAN, define IP address and IP helper-address


name “Un-Auth”

ip address

ip helper-address

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