Upgrading the firmware on HP Procurve switch

I have an HP ProCurve 3500-48 POE switch that I wish to upgrade the firmware version on. ProCurve switches come with 2 boot partitions so we can upload the new firmware to the partition not currently in use. In this scenario I have setup a TFTP server (SolarWinds TFTP Server) on the local LAN; I have tested connectivity from the switch by pinging the TFTP server.

I downloaded the firmware from the HP website > Drivers & Downloads section – ensure to specify the correct model of switch when performing a search.

Determine which partition (primary/secondary) is currently the boot partition
show flash

Setup a TFTP server on IP address and placed the new firmware (K_15_13_0012.swi file) in the TFTP root folder (TFTP Server Root Directory = F:\TFTP-Root)

Copy flash from TFTP server to boot partition. In this instance I can see the current firmware is running on the ‘Primary’ partition therefore I will upload the upgrade firmware to the ‘Secondary’ partition.
copy tftp flash <ip address> <firmware version> <boot partition>

Set boot partition, this switch should auto reboot.
boot system flash <boot partition>

After the switch has rebooted you should be able to confirm is running the new firmware version and the boot image. If for whatever reason you need to downgrade to the old firmware version, just change the boot partition.


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