Check Point Gaia CLI Commands

Below is a collection of useful Check Point R75 Gaia commands for configuring the basic operating system settings such as hostname, interfaces, DNS, NTP, SNMP etc.

Configuring SNMPv3

set snmp agent on
set snmp contact “<CONTACT>”
set snmp location “<LOCATION>”
add snmp address “<FIREWALL-IP-ADDRESS>”
set snmp agent-version v3-only

add snmp usm user <SNMPUSER> security-level authPriv auth-pass-phrase <COMPLEX-PHRASE> privacy-pass-phrase <ANOTHER-COMPEX-PHRASE>

NOTE – authentication = MD5 and encryption = DES56

set snmp agent-version any
delete snmp community public read-only
set snmp agent-version v3-only

Basic Commands

set hostname <HOSTNAME>
set interface eth0 ipv4-address <IP ADDRESS> mask-length 24
set interface eth0 ipv4-address <IP ADDRESS> subnet-mask
set interface eth0 link-speed 1000M/full
set static-route nexthop
set dns primary ipv4-address <DNS SERVER IP ADDRESS>
set timezone <EUROPE> / <LONDON>
set time HH:MM:SS
set date YYYY-MM-DD
set ntp active on
set ntp server primary <IP ADDRESS> version #
set edition 64-bit

save config

Show Commands

show hostname
show version all
show interfaces
show interface eth0

show uptime
show version all
show version os edition


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