Basic configuration of CheckPoint R75.40 Gaia

The information provided in this post describes the basic configuration of CheckPoint R75.40 Gaia. The software was installed in a VMware rather than a CheckPoint appliance. The ISO image file “Check_Point_R75.40_Gaia.iso” was download the CheckPoint usercenter.


  • Connect to the appliance/VM/server and boot from CD/ISO image
  • Click Ok to proceed with the installation
  • Select the appropriate “Keyboard” language
  • Modify or accept the default “Partitions Configuration”
  • Enter a strong password
  • Select the desired “Management Port”
  • Configure the IP address and default gateway for the “Management Interface”
  • Click Ok to proceed with the installation
  • When prompted reboot the appliance


  • In order to complete the configuration you need to open a web browser and connect to the web gui using the IP address previously specified
  • Enter the username “admin” and the password you previously specified

  • Click “Next” when prompted to start the “Gaia First Time Configuration Wizard”
  • Select whether to “Set time manually” or “User Network Time Protocol (NTP”
  • Define a hostname, domain name and DNS servers
  • Modify the management IP address if required
  • Select which product(s) to install and whether clustering will be used

NOTE – in this instance “Security Gateway” and “Security Management” components have been selected to be installed on the same server. These roles can and ideally should be installed on separate appliances/servers.

  • Select a username and password for Management (when using the SmartConsole)
  • Define where GUI clients can log into the Security Management console from
  • The configuration settings will apply, once complete and will prompt for a reboot
  • After the appliance is rebooted re-login to the web gui and modify additional settings, such as defining the IP addresses of the External/DMZ interfaces

  • From the top of the web gui click the green “Download Now” button to download the SmartConsole application
  • Run the “smartconsole.exe” application and select all components
  • Once installation of the SmartConsole has completed from the Start Menu > “Check Point SmartConsole R75.40” select SmartDashboard
  • At the login prompt enter the username and password previously create for Management
  • Enter the Management server ip address and select OK to login

  • The first time you login to the SmartConsole it will prompt to “Approve” the fingerprint. Select “Approve”
  • Installation and basic configuration is now complete.

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