Configuring Citrix Web Interface and Load Balancing with Windows NLB

To configure Windows server 2008 R2 to load balance Citrix Web Interface 5.x is very simple procedure. The following procedure describes the basic steps involved.

Configure Citrix Web Interface

Open the Citrix Web Interface Management console

Click “XenApp Web Sites” and click “Create Site”

Modify the IIS site settings if required

Click “Set as the default page for the IIS site”

Specify the point of the authentication as “At Web Interface”

Click “Next” to finish creation of the site

Once the site is successfully created click “Next” to configure the site

Specify the Citrix Farm name, Citrix Servers and the XML port

Specify the required authentication methods

Configure “Domain Restriction”

Specify the “Logon Screen Apperance”

Specify whether the site will provide access to Online published applications only, Offline application only or both online and offline applications (Dual mode)

Installation of the Citrix Web Interface is now complete

On the second Web Interface server repeat the process to create a Web Interface Site.

Configure Windows 2008 R2 Network Load Balancing

Open “Server Manager” and select “Features”

Click “Add Feature” and select “Network Load Balancing”

Click “Next” and “Install” to complete installation

Open “Network Load Balancing Manager” from Administrative Tools

Click “Cluster” and select “New”

Enter the hostname or IP address of the local machine

Set the “Priority” as 1 for the first web server.

Set the Cluster IP Address

Enter a FQDN for the “Full Internet Name”

Change “Cluster operation mode” to “Multicast”

Specify “Port range” as 80.

If using SSL Certificate create a second port rule for 443

Once finished the NLB cluster will be created and after a short period the status should be “Converged”

Install NLB on the second server

Configure NLB on the second server from the NLB Manager console on the first server.

Click the newly created cluster and select “Add host to cluster”

Enter the hostname of the second server

Double check the “Priority” is “2”

The “Port Rules” will already be defined.

Clicking finish will add the second server to the cluster, after a short period the status of both servers will show as “converged”

Create a DNS entry

Open DNS Manager console and create a “Host (A)” record mapping the fqdn of the cluster to the cluster IP address.


Test the NLB is working by accessing the load balanced Web Interface via the cluster FQDN. Test further by stopping the NLB service on each individual server and access the website again.


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