Configuring Citrix Receiver/Online Plug-in via Group Policy

To automatically configure Citrix Receiver or Online Plug-in with the Web Server Address on client computers you can utilise Group Policy Preferences to create the necessary registry key.

  • Create a new or modify an existing GPO and browse to Computer Configuration > Preferences > Windows Settings > Registry

  • Create “New” > “Registry Item”

Action – Replace


Key Path – SOFTWARE\Citrix\PNAgent (32-bit client computers) OR

Key Path – SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Citrix\PNAgent (64-bit client computers)

Value Name – ServerURL

Value Type – REG_SZ

Value Data – http://SERVERNAME/Citrix/PNagent/config.xml

  • Click OK to finish
  • Once the Group Policies have been refreshed on the client computers, the registry entries should have been enforced.

  • Running the Citrix Online Plug-in should reveal the setting changes have been applied.